Following Foundations


What Is The Meaning of John 17:3? 

In the Gospel of John, Yeshua does not mention the phrase “kingdom on heaven”, instead he translates what life in the kingdom is like. It is the ability to know God personally through His Word, His Name and His Love. This is eternal life and the meaning of John 17:3. 

How To Trust Gods Timing

When an opportunity arises, it’s hard to realize if it is God’s timing or not. Today, we will walk through an amazing passage of scripture to help us learn how to trust God’s timing. What we will uncover is life-changing.

The Cost Of Following Jesus 

Jesus, in the most loving way, tells his followers to consider the cost of following Him. He does not say this to alienate people away from himself. The opposite is true. He speaks the truth so that they can be positioned for the greatest life to ever be lived. A life with Jesus in second place...

How To Take Up Your Cross Daily 

There are many born again Christians that have no idea what it looks like to follow Yeshua. If they take a hard look at their lives before and after Him, they are one and of the same. Mistakingly, they have surrendered their lives to the notion that they can follow him without ever losing their lives to the..

3 Discipleship Models Jesus Used

Jesus expresses three models of discipleship in the Gospel of John. The call of discipleship itself extends to every believer, but not all believers follow the call. We find this true in the synoptic Gospels. Although Jesus had many followers, only 12 were his direct disciples. This is not to discredit the many who believed in Jesus, only the empathize that there is a distinction between...

The Disciples Prayer

Prayer is a partnership with God. Yeshua desires for each of his believers to have a dynamic relationship with God that is rooted in intimate knowledge. The disciple's prayer is the vehicle to know God and to discover His plans for His kingdom on earth. Make it a point to pray each

Prayer Changes Everything 

It is only when a believer partners with God early in prayer do they discover the power of prayer. Prayer changes everything in life when a believer understands that it is a preemptive measure taken against...

Daily Prophetic Declarations 

Daily prophetic declarations go along way in advancing the kingdom of heaven on earth. As we have learned today, it can only be accomplished when one tames their tongue through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is scripturally mandated that we create a lifestyle of confession. God’s heart is for all people to...