Kingdom of Heaven


How To Trust Gods Timing

When an opportunity arises, it’s hard to realize if it is God’s timing or not. Today, we will walk through an amazing passage of scripture to help us learn how to trust God’s timing. What we will uncover is life-changing.

Will The Son Of Man Find Faith?

Jesus identified faith as being the main ingredient for the kingdom of heaven to be released on earth. For this reason, Jesus posed the question to the disciples, “when the Son of man comes, will the son of man find faith?” This question was not meant to bring shame or condemnation, rather serve...

The Disciples Prayer

Prayer is a partnership with God. Yeshua desires for each of his believers to have a dynamic relationship with God that is rooted in intimate knowledge. The disciple's prayer is the vehicle to know God and to discover His plans for His kingdom on earth. Make it a point to pray each

Who Were The First Apostles Jesus Called?

Often times, when discussing the calling of the first followers of Jesus, the disciples are lumped into the same category as apostles. Over the course of history, there has not been a clear distinction between their roles both as disciples and apostles. In fact...

How To Step Out In Faith

Through a storm of life, Jesus will teach us how to step out in faith. Like Peter, we must take a giant leap of trust through one small step. No matter how difficult a crisis may...

Daily Prophetic Declarations 

Daily prophetic declarations go along way in advancing the kingdom of heaven on earth. As we have learned today, it can only be accomplished when one tames their tongue through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is scripturally mandated that we create a lifestyle of confession. God’s heart is for all people to...